Day surgery

Day surgery

Before your surgery

If you are taking medications that affect the blood’s coagulation system, please inform your surgeon during your pre-surgery visit. Taking medications that affect coagulation should be discontinued 4-7 days before surgery to avoid excessive bleeding during and after surgery. You will need to discontinue Marevan and Aspirin (Hjertemagnyl, ASA and TromboASS) 7 days before surgery and Pradaxa, Xarelot and Eliquis 4 days beforehand.

Do not forget to take your regular medications in the morning (with the exception of drugs that influence blood coagulation).

Do not consume alcohol and do not smoke on the same day as the surgery.

Depending on the pain relief method of the operation, you must take certain limitations into account.

Local anaesthetic: 

– no limits on eating and drinking
– you may drive after surgery 

General anaesthesia:

– it is prohibited to eat and drink non-clear fluids (such as milk, coffee and juices) for 6 hours before surgery.

– it is prohibited to drink clear fluids for 4 hours before surgery; regular medications should be taken with a small amount of water.

It is prohibited to come in for surgery with a respiratory tract infection.

– it is prohibited to drive a vehicle immediately after surgery, since after general anaesthesia a person’s reaction time and attention can be affected.